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Someone named Fred Hanna called my father-in-law for either myself or my husband, he did not ask for either of us specifically I guess. He called from 800-450-6575. When my father-in-law called and gave us the message, we called the number but they were closed. Has anyone heard of these guys, or dealt with them. I looked them up and found some info on, and it says they usually work for LVNV/Resurgent. Anyways, just curious what I am facing. Not sure why they didn't just call us.

he did not ask for either of us specifically I guess

With that said, what is the reason that you are considering the call was for you? It could be wrong number too.

BTW, Fred Hanna is a law firm in Georgia.

Fred Hanna
Address: 1655 Enterprise Way
Marietta, GA 30067-8951

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curlycarl curlycarl

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Sorry, I misworded that, what I meant was he asked for either of us, not one of us specifically. Anyways, I called them back today, and it was strange...the woman I spoke to was actually very nervous. I asked her who they were, what the call was for, and why they were calling family members. She got real shaky on the phone and was like "uh, well, uh..I'm sorry, that is the number we have on file for you." I said, "no, it is did a skiptrace and got that number, why would I give you my family members' phone numbers instead of mine?" She said "oh, well, uh, I...uh, ok, I'm sorry, I am not sure why we called that number, but, uh, we will call you from now on." Then I told her that I needed a letter mailed to me, and she asked for my address, I told her I would verify what they have on file, and she said ok, she will get the letter out. It was funny to talk to someone that got that nervous that easily. She must be new.

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Yes, she must be new :D

Guest, do let us know how it goes on. Also consider joining the forum to receive all the benefits programmed for the members.

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curlycarl curlycarl

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They are a law firm I guess. The collection people are VERY rude, a debt of mine was sent to them and the lady said they are about to sent it to my work for garnishment. I told her to mail me a copy of the amount I am looking at and I would arange a monthly amount. I can only pay a Very Minimal monthly amount and she said it wasn't good enough. She said the only thing they will sent me is a summons, she said she will not call me anymore and suggested I call my attorney and hung up.

I don't know what to do, or what rights I have..
the debt is about 5 or 6 years old. How can I pay something they will not send me any information on?

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Always ask for written documents before paying. And if the debt is old, then check the SOL of your state. A past SOL debt is not legally collectible. By paying a dime or agreeing to pay, you might restart the SOL clock.

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stella stella

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The law firm wont send me any written documentation, they told me they will only send a summons. I'm scared, i know this isnt the end of the world but I am a single parent and I cant afford any other expenses. The mistake I made was about a year ago, I made a payment on this debt of about $200 which indeed restarted the clock. Now the Law firm is calling me but wont work with me. What can I do? Can I work with the orginal Creditor? the debt start off as $4600 while i was married but it was only under my name. Now that I am divorced my Ex wont help, he's no responsible, and the interest has brough it up to about $8000.
I tried to put it on debt consolidation but they said they wont take it because it's with a law firm and the law frim can sue at any moment.

I am seriously making sick to my stomach over this.
can anyone please help? Advice?

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I have a two debts that are with law firms that I consolidated. Did you sign up for consolidation on this forum? You need to try another consolidation company. Chances are the law firm won't sue if it is consolidated because then they know they are getting their money. You also might try debt settlement through an attorney, that may work better for your situation. What state do you live in if I may ask? If it does go to court, they will take into consideration that you are single, they will not take all your income, don't worry, the judge will understand, and will most likely set up payment plans.

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I live in California. I just found this site so I am new. I really dont know where to start. I filled out the form on this site to get a call back regarding consolidation. I am waiting on that. I don't have money for an attorney, I wish I did then it would be easier. I am not trying to run away, I just want to take care of this but I dont know how. The people at the law firm are rude and wont send me a notice or anything in writing. so I dont even know where to send a payment. at this point I am walking on egg shells waiting for the next collection call, or waiting to get sued. This is the first time this has happened to me and for $8000 I have heard filing backruptcy isnt worth it. And what sucks is this debt is not Soley mine, but because it's only under my name i take the heat. I hope I can arrange payments and maybe take my ex back to court so he can share the cost because it was a common debt.

So an expense can be consolidated if it's with a firm? how much does that usually cost?

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You can find an attorney that specializes in debt settlement, and they break their payments up and include them in your monthly payment usually. Or, sometimes the first 3-4 payments you make go to them, but the good thing is that if anyone sues, they represent you.

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I would suggest you registering with this site and take the free counseling. As long the debt is not sent to court, the consolidation companies will work with you.

Settlement might hurt your score in the long run. Consolidation seems a good option. Your counselor will negotiate with the law office on your behalf and straight out the problem. Do let us know if you need any more information.

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curlycarl curlycarl

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