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I recently reviewed my credit report and saw about $1500 in medical bill collections. I had NO idea that these were outstanding and in collection. I am 24 and these medical bills were when I was 17-21. I was under the assumption that my parents paid those bills...because I never received medical bills when I was away at college. Is there any way to dispute them? Thanks.

If these bills are legally yours, then there is not much you can do to dispute them, unfortunately. However, you may want to speak with a qualified counselor before taking any action. The good news is, it sounds like some of these debts are nearing 7 years old. If they are, do not make a payment on them. After 7 years, they should fall off of your credit report. So if you are planning to pay these off, start with the more recent debts.

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dmj210 dmj210

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Why your insurance company did not cover these bills? Do you have any idea?

You can consolidate medical bills, but as dmj as said, you should concentrate on few things before taking any decision. If the accounts are closed to 7 year reporting time, you should wait for their removal. Also check your state laws for SOL of debt collection. Past SOL debts are not collectible legally.

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stella stella

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I have no clue why my parents insurance didn't cover the bills. That is why I was very suprised to see them on my credit report. I re-calculated and there is about $950, not $1500 as I originally thought. I viewed my credit report last night (all 3) from the and now I'm kicking myself in the A$$, cause I forgot to print them. Now I can't log in to view it.

Anyways, thanks for the do I find the SOL for Missouri? Thanks!

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kcnic kcnic

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I believe any bills from when you were under 18 are the responsibility of your parents. Once you reach your majority, then you are responsible for your medical bills.

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Taquita Taquita

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kcnic--I think if you call the bureaus, they can get your log-in info so you can go in and print them.

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Jessi Jessi

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Visit this thread to find out SOL in your state.

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stella stella

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I personally think that medical bills tend to be a scam in itself

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dortchlord1 dortchlord1

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I'm not sure how true it is but I've heard that most lenders do not really frown upon medical bills so much when looking to qualify for a mortgage

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dortchlord1 dortchlord1

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I am able to say that I personally hope that it is in fact true what I've heard

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dortchlord1 dortchlord1

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If anyone does know for sure please let me know

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