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Out of curiosity stemming from recent issues with people claiming to be attorneys and really not, does anyone know anything about a Thomas K. Bamford from Dallas? There's a really annoying "Ms. Davis" that works for them, calls in the middle of the day, and when I tell her my husband is at work - what, people that can't pay their bills don't work now?? - she hangs up before I can extract any more information from her so he can be better-informed when and if he decides to return her call!


I'm ready to un-list our number :roll:

I got a call from someone here today as well.....2nd one and they said I needed to call back. It came from an attorney's office so I did. Unfortunately the message they left was so hurried that I could only understand the call back number. After calling back they had no record of my number.....I forcefully told them to take me off their list as I have no outstanding debts and the gentlemen proceeded to hang up on me.

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I recieved a letter from This person, address a little diferent from the others, 1201 Richardson Dr, Ste 201 Richardson, TX (214) 343-6364. The letter states that unless we respond and yada yada yada...That they assume we would prefer legal action be taken. But we have received no calls. Ours too is a few months old, and they acknowledge That becasue of interests , late charges and other charges that vary from day to day the cost is higher and the additional liablitlties and attorney;s fee will cause it to be even higher. Will it benefit us to respond adn try to get all the excess charges removed? But I cannot afford a one time reduced payment, The card was not at the limit when our financial problem caused our money to be used to keep our lights on pay doctors, pharmacy , medical labs bills, than pay the CC which we bought gas only on. It is not a gas CC. I know we owe the bill, but I think the CC companies actually causes people to get out of the ability to pay because of all the excess charges added. it puts the payments too high, and most people cannot do a 1 time pay at a reduced price. Advice?

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Glad I'm not the only one feeling harassed

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this guy has suddenly started calling my work. says hes an attorney, keith scott. this call was the first time anyone could get a number from him and he also said he was from thomas k banford. this was his third call. i have no clue what it might be about, i have recieved nothing in the mail for anything...if it was truely important shouldnt he have my home numbers? and he was horribly rude to my employees. that alone makes me want to kick his butt. anywho, does anyone know if this is the same firm? any info would be appreciated. thx, mel

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How do you stop them from calling? Thats my question! Short of changing your #!

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bestideayet bestideayet

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This is a collection office ... The owner is mike gravesthe real name of the company is graeline he lives in plano, tx on threehouse....the only person at that firm that is an atty is thomask bamford who is about 90 years old comes in the office once in a while... The collector kim davis ... Is kim green she lives in dallas this is a former gm of that company ... Ask to see thomas k bamford or go tpo his real office on commerce in downtown dallas........ By the way tape all conversations when a person calls and sysy there an atty and you have 1000.00 per violation you can get from the atty general.... Good luck

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This sounds like one of those collection agencies that "rent" an attorney's license. I have heard of this and found a father and daughter attorney team who did this. The company that was using their license violated so many laws. The daughter lost her license for a few years and can't practice and now has to go in and request her license back when the suspension is over. And her father gave his up all together because of his age. This family of attorneys was making money from the CA and not paying attention to how they were using their license.

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Your right they pay him 50k a year i know i did contract .... He is never in the office ... Most of time in hospital very old .... Mike graves owns graeline financial in richardson texas...... That is the collection agency using that atty name and letter head.....

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I guess at his age he probably wouldn't care or even know what they are doing with his license. This is very similar to company's "renting a bank" to get away with certain types of loans.

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I am having the same problem with this lady who calls all hours of the day and night at work and home claims her name is a ms davis and she works for an attorney very very rudd person she says my husband and i owe money to a credit card company which is orchard bank well i can not get them to send any kind of paper work what so ever but they want us to send money is there a way to stop these calls? and my number is unlisted and they got it any way any advice is helpful..

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