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Out of curiosity stemming from recent issues with people claiming to be attorneys and really not, does anyone know anything about a Thomas K. Bamford from Dallas? There's a really annoying "Ms. Davis" that works for them, calls in the middle of the day, and when I tell her my husband is at work - what, people that can't pay their bills don't work now?? - she hangs up before I can extract any more information from her so he can be better-informed when and if he decides to return her call!


I'm ready to un-list our number :roll:

I also recieved a call from a vary rude lady. I was laying down at the time and actully thought the call was for someone else being that we all have the same last name at this number. By the time i relized that it was me she had already gotton a huge nasty adidtude with me raising her voice as if she was the one in a dept crisis... i asked about payment arangments because i start a new job tomorrow and she wouldnt give me any then proceeded to tell me my ss number the price of my car note and questioned how im going to pay that bill, then hung up on me but not befor letting me know that she would mark my account as a refusel to pay??? i never said i wouldnt pay ! i Just dont know my pay days yet. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor wich sounded like the same lady and she let me know that she aint taken no 20dollar a month payment for her client. wow! I called again to ask for the name of the lawfirm and she said i was harrasing the office
i just asked for the name...? so i to did a reverse lookup and researched the firm with bbb to my surprise only one complaint was filed , im so glad i kept looking i found this site i feel so much better now and i do intend to pay my bill but not in one reduced lump sum still to much money. i dont trust paying my bill with either of the ladies that "spoke" at me they sound like they want to beat me up how do i know they wont just take my info and loose it are say i didnt pay?

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i recently moved and got a new phone number from comcast. since then mr bamford has been calling my number looking for deanna and jonathan muller. never met them. i explained the new phone thing, but the calls keep coming in. i don't fight it now. i always keep a phone number next to my phone just for him. so far, i've given him an escort service and the county da's office. he just called again so now i have to think up a new phone number for this idiot. since i'm retired; i've kind of adopted him as my hobby.

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Embee, send them a C&D letter, this will stop the calls.

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I also spoke to this law firm on behalf of my daughter-in-law,
these are some nasty sob's.....My daughter-in-law was already paying $100 a month, now they want $250 which she can't afford, needless to say the conversation got ugly. We wrote a letter to the law firm requesting a statement of account, sent the letter certified for our file, have not received confirmation on the letter as of yet. We also called again, had to leave a message....My thinking is we shouldn't send anymore payments until we get a reply from these idiots
and try to contact the original lender on the note. Anyone out there have any suggestions.

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I'd say continue making the payments exactly as you have already agreed.

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I began receiving calls from the "Bamford" law office by Ms Davis, Ms Brown, and Isaiah Rubio....all very rude, called my job 10 times per day and I am and emergency room RN people are dying for gosh sake. They pressured me by sending a courier over with a judgement and a payment letter for 500.00 per month or they will file the judgement. I have paid 3 payments so far and now my fourth is due....I am trying to call the office numbers and get no answer now at all for this law office. What do I do? They have put this debt on my 23 year old daughters credit and she was just an authorized user and never used the card.

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Have your daughter dispute the account with the CRA's. AU=no financial liability

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Tom Bamford I am proud to say was in fact real. He was a practicing lawyer for many years in Dallas. He was hired by a collection agency, not to collect, but rather sign his name on documents to get people to pay bills and that was all. The Ms. Davis you spoke of is of course not her real name. That name she used was to cover her real name so that people would not call her in the middle of the night. He really had no jurisdiction or told people how to talk to others regarding these matters,he just went in, signed his name and maybe stayed awhile to visit but that was all. Tom Bamford passed away on July 10th of this year. I will miss him.

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Well by signing his name, he took on the liability for the wrong doings of the collectors working under him.

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tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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