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I was debited $19 by this company for an application fee. I swear I never went to their website. My bank returned the $19 NSF and now they have hit me for $44 ($19 plus $25 NSF fee) I have sent this fraudulent company several emails and also notified my bank, Bank of America, who treated me like a criminal. The bank rep seemed to have no sympathy for me and kept stating that I must have applied with them at some point. I told her that they obtained my information through other online business and have never applied for anything with them. They (200 Cash Com)have numerous unanswered complaints with the BBB and they do not care. They charge thousands of people $19 and never give any loans. I am so mad at BOA. She would not even refund my $44 during the investigation. Is that legal?

Did they take the money out diredctly from your acount, or through your debit card? I know it sonds like a weird question, but it helps to determine which form the bank needs to use in processing your fraud request. If it was directly from your account, tell the bank you had an unauthorized ACH. If it was from your debit card, tell them it was an unauthorized debit card transaction. Either way, they have to take your claim. THey usually do not reverse any of their own OD fees until they verify that the transaction was not done by you. Then, you should get your $19 plus any fees incured back. Also, did you talk to a real person at a branch, or call their 800#? The branch people are much nicer, and will work with you. Especially if you go to the branch where you either opened your account or to the rbanch you normally do your business at. Then they may have more of an emotional connection to you. Let us know how it turns out. Oh...the way to tell how it came out of your account is how it posted on your statement. If it says "visa - 200 cash com", it was with your debit card. If it just said "200cashcom", no visa or MC in front, it was an ACH from your account, and you need to get that reported right away. If the banker is any good, they will also tel you to close that account and get a new one.

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swedishgirl swedishgirl

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this I think brings up a very good topic for discussion...
are these banks able to research customer's past accounts?
"mycandykiss" previously made post of quote (in Sept 2007).."I had an account in good standing at WAMU but had to close due to PDL's - scared to open an new one there. I have some chex system issues with other banks - where can I open a new account?"
and is now having problems with B of A ..
do they have files and history they share amongst each other? which may be why they treated Candy this way? :shock:

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socksfullofrocks socksfullofrocks

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Banks only share info with each other through chexsystems. Most banks don't run credit on you to open an account unless you open it online, or if it's a credit union. And the info they report to chexsystems is only if there was what they consider fraudulent activity on your account, like constant nsf checks, empty envelope deposits at atms, etc. Or if they had to charge-off your account because it was overdrawn more than x amount of days. There is a new way they are kind of communicating now. When a teller processes your deposit and runs the checks you're depositing through their scanner, many banks can now do a hot check to a new system that reports if the check they are depositing is written off of an account that has been reported closed or has many nsf problems. That's new as of a few months ago in many banks. I can't remember what it's called...epd or something like that. I think WaMu does it, and maybe BofA.

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swedishgirl swedishgirl

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very good info swedish and thanks!..just thought there might have been hidden agenda as to why candy thought was treated bank now reads every deposit cash or check and scans everything way fraud can's all scanned and I get a copy of all transactions!

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socksfullofrocks socksfullofrocks

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how do I contact this company? 200cashcom notice debit on my account I'm with credit union of course no one is available today.

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this is all I could find

Contact us at: [email][/email]

Phone: 714-839-1300

110 W. Ninth Street
Suite 581
Wilmington, DE 19801
Fax 443-583-2274 ml

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Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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they just took money out of my account

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If this company continually defrauds the public by taking their money and not delivering on the loans, why has no legal action been taken? Has this company been reported to the FTC and the FBI? I would do so immediately and if it happens to me you can bet I will.

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They did this to me right before I close my account. Grrr... I do not even know how they got my information.

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jeoestreich jeoestreich

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I was done the same way with that loan place to they took $19.00 from me out of my account and came back to took $44.00 out of my credit union they said if I DON'T WON'T them to take nothing out Ihave to stop having the ach loans comung in Ihave to that is good and real that Ilike CASE i need them again i told them to remove they claim i have to remove all of them can they do that to me

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