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I'll try to make this short.

We were on vacation last week in Florida and noticed that our bank account has been reduced to ZERO. When I called Chase bank, they told me the NY state tax department put a levy on my account. This came as a total shock to me. I received no prior notice. They gave me a number to the tax department, however we could not get through because apparently they don't allow you to call from a cell phone. So we had to reactivate a credit card just to get home basically. When we got home on Monday, I called. They said basically they performed an audit on my 2004 Tax Return (last year I lived in NY) and found that I received a refund that I should not have received. The tax was 965 and interest was about 450. They said they been sending me notices since Jan of 2009, however I had switched addresses and never received them. He said that one letter did indeed get sent back to their office. I told him that I felt I shouldnt have to pay the interest considering that had they just had the right address, I would have paid from that point. He told me there was noway they were going to let me pay just the tax and I said ok I'll pay it all.

So at first I was going to pay with the credit card we used to get home. Problem was that card only had a 1000 limit and the transaction didn't go through. So I told him, ok I get paid today, why cant I just pay it off with that and he said that I had to give my bank permission to respond to the levy and once they responded and mailed the check, their obligation was completed and the levy would be released. So yesterday I tried to do just that and the bank tells me they cannot send the money because they wait 21 days before they send anything.

It's amazing. I'm just wanting them to pay so that this can be settled and it seems like I cant do that. The reason I wanted to pay it off now was because the tax guy said if I did that, it wouldn't show up in my credit report. Another tax person from the department said I would receive something to say the debt has been satisfied and it was my responsibilty to send it to creditors to let them know so that it wont affect my credit rating.

So I guess what I'm asking is how can I get the bank to pay now? The levy does say respond immediately so I dont understand why they HAVE to wait the 21 days. And also, what do I do so that this doesnt adversely affect my credit report?

I made a simple mistake on a tax return. I had no idea it would turn into this.

Unfortunately, IRS, unlike other creditors, can garnish your wage or put levy on your account without prior notice or receiving judgement against you.

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