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help bank reported me as suspect fraud what can I do ?

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Hi , Everyone If Somecan help me out here pls.. I got reported from bank of amerika as suspect as fraud , ? what can I do ..How im gonna depends my self becuase this is what happend I wrote my own name on check and with draw the money write away but Im not aware that could be fraud cause I dont have money in the bank that time but I have MY paycheck from my job direct from my account 2 days from that time I wrote my self check , Suddenly they close my account with out knowing me whats going on and reprted me as fraud in check sytem . Now I dont know how to get away from this status and are they going to affect to applying a job ? pls anyone help me wht can I do .

You mean you wrote a check out to yourself? That's not inherently fraud... I do that all the time to move money from my ally bank money market online to my regular checking account... you must've had other strange things going on in your account.

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waffles waffles
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Maybe they closed the account to protect your own interests? You need to talk to the bank people and find out whats going on.

A few years ago BofA closed my account because they suspected that it had been compromised. I got intimated that my account number has been changed 3 days AFTER they did it. Go figure.

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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