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Ugh I need a new bank.. I bank at a local credit union, I was reported to chex systems awhile ago.. like 4 years ago and it is marked as paid. I have opened other bank accounts since than but do not like my credit union! I am really interested in a place like Bank of America, I know they are horrible but they give automatic overdraft to people with direct deposit (or so my co-workers tell me)
I just hate my credit union! Like i made an automatic payment for my car insurance. It needed to set up or my policy will be cancelled. I told them I get paid today, they set it up and than it posted an hour before my regular direct deposit and my bank returned it! I was livid, i emailed my insurance company and copied my credit union, lol.. but that might be my last stroll.. should i go for bank of america? would they even open an account for me? or am i stuck at the credit union? all i really want is a place with overdraft protection..

bea2ls have you considered trying another credit union? I really wouldn't recommend BOA, honestly, while they may have a few bells and whistles that credit unions don't I believe you would be better off ANYwhere else but BOA. I have had sooooooooooo much trouble with BOA that it would take me forever to go into it. I am here to tell you as an ex-customer of theirs do NOT go with them. They have the absolute worst customer service of ANY business in the world lol - IMHO. I suggest looking into a different credit union, but do what makes you most comfortable.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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yea shazz.. thanks. i heard so many bad stories.. i really would just like over-draft. i would not take advantage but it seems like a simple request..
my credit union does it by credit check, which to me is not really too fair considering they do have my direct deposit information and i paid off a car loan with them in the past.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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BOA doesnt automatically give the overdraft to people with direct deposit. I had DD and when something came up that I over estimated my account, they wouldn't let the charge through, charged me the bounce fee and my debit card did not work.

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they give automatic direct deposit at my local branch.. i did call and check, they said after two pay cycles they do.. it would have only have been for emergencies but i decided against them still.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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yeah i wouldnt recommend boa either. honestly i went to u.s. bank about a year ago and i havent had any problems with them at all. they get alot of bad rap on the internet but i think as long as you do your account right you have nothing to worry about. they call me every once in awhile just to see how i'm doing, at first it was weird but they are just trying to go above and beyond in customer service. plus they are open on satrudays and SUNDAYS. very convienent. just a suggestion. good luck to you.

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bastoops bastoops

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thanks, that does sound good.. i actually have been pretty good with my checking stuff.. so much better than i was a year ago!
but the credit union processes my paycheck weird.. like sometimes it's early, sometimes it's late and i live paycheck to paycheck and often need an exact date to pay my bills..

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bea2ls bea2ls
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