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No One at bank of America will return phone calls. I have been trying to get info on my short sale. Im told someone will return my calls and it never happens. This is from a manger named Daimon ext #5522. They are going to get the house either way. Funny if they want money they will hound you constantly. I f you need info to resolve a problem no one cares. I have contacted my lawyer and I am filing a discrimination siut against them ,my wife is disabled with Parkinson's and we were forced out of house.
Hope others have better luck than I have.

You have taken the right step by contacting your attorney. Now he will deal with Bank of America and they will be answerable to him. Do keep us posted regarding your situation and whether or not you were able to receive the required info from BofA.

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Discrimination? Unless they forced you out because of her illness you will not win on these grounds. If you stopped paying because you were spending your money on her illness and they foreclosed because of nonpayment that is not discrimination.

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