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I have no idea what to do. I had one b of a checking account that due to pros became severly overdrawn. I had another checking account with them and they keep transferring money to cover the overdrawn balance. The first time it happened they said it was their right and they were going to do it until the overdrawn account was clear. I asked if I'd be notified and they said no. They are doing it again and I have several outstanding checks. Also I am extremely. Sick and my neurosurgeon may send me to the ER today but I don't want to go because I have no money! Will they work with me at all on this? Maybe let me set up a payment plan instead of just wiping my account out? I'm so frustrated because I work hard for my money and have very little. Also, I don't know where else to go for an account because of chexsystems! Please help! I'm trying to get everything paid off but b of a is making it impossible!

How long has you account been overdrawn and by how much? How is your history with BOA with NSFs in the past? Have you spoken with your branch manager? I have been in similar situations but never had that happen! But I always dealt with the branch not the customer service phone line!
If it comes down to it you can always get your check "live" and cash it at the bank where it is drawn and pay by prepaid debit or money order! But keep paying your overdrawn account as after 120 days it will be closed by law and you will be in Chex again!

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It has been overdrawn for about 60 days and b of a said that at that point they can draft whatever they want from any other accounts. I'm just worried because of needing to go to the doctor. I am going to call later to see if they will work with me, but I have already made arrangements to get a live check

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