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I'm on Chex one entry that I know of. From one year ago. Someone told me to check out a few banks. One is Compass and the other is Etrade (brokerage account) I'm not to sure how good they are. I did apply at Compass and was approved Monday. But I heard they close accounts later. I heard Etrade does not run chex on there brokerage side. And you get Bill pay,Visa card, and checks if you need them. I have direct deposit for everything so this would be perfect. They also have overnight mail for deposit if you need to. I think there are some fees involved. But just wanted some more info. I have quite a bit off money coming in. So keeping the 500.00 min. is no problem.Thank you:rolleyes:

Thank you

I can't understand your query mate. Can you give more details?

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nandydiana nandydiana

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I???m not clear about what you are asking for. Please give us more details information so that we can help you in this regard.

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