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I'm in Chexsystems but was able to open an HSBC Checking account a couple of weeks ago. I just pulled a new copy of my Chexsystems report and there is no inquiry from HSBC listed.

Does anyone here have any experience with HSBC doing Chexsytems inquiries/sweeps after an account is open? Or do you think I'm free and clear and actually have a checking account again?

HSBC seems to be fine with the savings accounts but as far as the checking accounts, it really is hard to say. I have heard some that were able to open and the accounts are still up and running just fine, no problems, while others have had accounts closed.

Determining factors may include:
1. Is the reporting bank paid or not?
2. How old is the report?
3.Does the report show nsf, account abuse or fraud?
4. Is there more than one bank reporting?

If you are able to get an account at a bank that uses Chexsystems or EWS, be sure to protect yourself and be aware of the possibilities. Always have a back up account and never have all of your money in one place

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I had my account closed by HSBC because I had a snowballing financial situation that involved both my van breaking down (making it hard to do the handyman work I do) and two of those online "cash advance" companies ripping me off. I am just about to try having HSBC remove me from chex systems, since I only owed them around 52.00 and it's paid off already. But they didn't agree to reopen any accounts for me.

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