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I have had issues with overdrafts and bounced checks in the past.

I recently moved to the same town as my fiancee, and I went into a bank to open our joint checking account. The banking center employee informed me that she could not open a new account for me, due to information in ChexSystems. I am still waiting on the copy of my report.

I previously had an account with this bank a few years ago, I believe it was in 2006 or 2007. I did have many overdrafts with this account. I even have a letter from this bank stating that the overdrafts on my account have been resolved, because I was having trouble opening accounts at other banks because of the information that this bank provided.

As I have been reading this forum, I began worrying that I was on this EWS system as well. I called the customer service line, and LUCKILY I am not listed in their system.

As soon as I receive my report from Chex Systems, I can take the next step. Can you have old information removed from Chex Systems? Do I need to be checking Teletrak and Certegy as well to see if they have any information on me?

I do have an open bank account, but it is in my old town, over an hour away. The bad thing is my new job does not have direct deposit, so I've been having to cash my checks at Walmart. I really do not want to be doing this, and my fiancee and I are worried that this information of mine in ChexSystems will prevent us in opening a joint account. His bank is also an hour away, so neither of us have accounts here in town yet.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

Info stays on your ChexSystems report for 5 years (I think?).

Anyway, you can dispute anything that's inaccurate and you can also, as a courtesy, ask the bank that's reporting info against you to remove it if the time limit hasn't yet passed. They don't have to but if enough time has passed and it's paid, some will.

Why not have your BF open an account locally until you get it all straightened out. That way he can deposit your paychecks into the account or cash them for you. After you get your stuff worked out with ChexSystems, he can add you to the account.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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There should be options for you depending on where you live. What is your zip code there? Your report will remain for 5yrs with chexsystems and then they will remove you. Chexsystems is a credit reporting agency and it is your right to dispute

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