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We've had it with Bank of America completely. Long story short, our cards expired at the end of Feb and they sent one to my husband and one in my maiden name and when we emailed them about it they danced like you wouldn't believe. Finally got a hold of them today and they told us that even though our CC was current with them, the other 3 cards that we defaulted on has made them close our account. No letter, no nothing. too bad so sad, call credit counseling buh bye.

While my goal was to repair my BOA Visa this has put me over the edge We DO however have our checking account there and I want to get it out of there. We have never had a bad or bounced check, so nothing is on Chexsystems. We want to move our account to a local credit union, Sikorsky FCU. They say on the application that they check Chexsystems - will our bad credit card debt (defaults of 90 days on two cards) stop us from getting a new checking account with them as we have never had a checking problem in the past, just these cards. I couldn't find any info anywhere about this and figured you guys know so much it would be the best place to ask.

thanks and peace!

Nope, as long as you have a good standing on your bank account, your Chexsystem report would remain unblemished. Revolving line of credit, i.e. credit cards are not a part of chxsystem report.

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If the credit union only uses chexsystems you should be fine.

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