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Due to Stage 3 colon cancer at the end of 2006 and out of work due to aggressive treatment for almost 2 years, I accumulated 18,000.00 in credit card debt. I live with my Boyfriend and my name iis not on the home he pays a mortgage on, I wrote my creditors teliing them I am unable to work now and have filed for Disability at when I start receiving payment I will pay, I own nothing but have my name attached to a vehicle, which needs a transmission, I have closed my bank account, because I have no money to put in it and no time soon as awaiting Disability approval. Can the credit card companies levy on stuff in the house I live in that is not mine, I am not a needful person and do not own much, some jewelry and knicks knacks, clothes, shoes and not much of that. My worry is I do not want them hurting the Man who has stood by me through a life changing event such as my Cancer. Your time is greatly appreciated.

Creditors dont want household items...they have no value. If you have nothing of value, there is nothing they can get.

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They might come after the car but that will not be worth their time. Other than that SSDI is exempt from judgment. Since you have nothing with your name attached to it, creditors will not be able to do much except maybe call you and harass you.

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