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Will I Eventually Be Able To Re-Open Account After Bank Closes It?

Submitted by mjmartin39 on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 12:43
Posts: 36

I opened an account about a month ago with Chase. I already had another account that was in bad shape at Citibank. Been having some serious financial difficulties the past 4 months and seems to be getting worse.

Didn't have gas or much food with all of $4.62 to my name and don't get paid til next Friday. Wrote a check and deposited it so that I could at least get gas and food.....I am a single parent with three dependents. Chase closed it. I feel bad because I wanted to handle things right but didn't know what else to do. Couldn't even get to work.

My question is if I get my Citibank account paid off do you think that eventually I will be able to re-open another account somewhere?