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I have had it with BOA! More than once there has been problems with my account and my son's account and I have had it! I am so tired of dealing with rude people and being told one thing and them doing another! Too long of a story to get into. But am also tired of trying to put some money into savings (even what little we can) and then finding out that we don't have that much in there because they are charging us a "maintenance fee" which takes out most of what we are able to put in there.

Here are some of my choices, locally, that I can go with

PNC Bank
Cresent State Bank
Wells Fargo
KS Bank
Patriot State Bank
First Federal Bank
First Citizens Bank and Trust

We do have an account with CEFCU (through my husband's work), but the problem is there is not a branch locally. We need to have a local bank for some of the things, like depositing money that is sent to us, etc. We have had some OD's due to when bills are due compared to when paydays are and since I lost my job, it has been hard making ends meet, especially with my son, his wife and 2 little ones living with us. Anyway, if anyone knows anything about these banks, good or bad, please let me know. Thanks Bunches!!!!

Wachovia is no is now Wells Fargo.

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Thanks. See shows you how out of touch I am with the banks. LOL Still any input on any of these banks is greatly appreciated. I know the first fidelity has accounts for those 50 and older, and I will be that number here in a couple of months. But just do not know how they are.

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