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Los Angeles DA Bad Check Restitution

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Last November I accidently wrote a $42 check to a local merchant that was returned for insufficient funds. I got a notice from my bank that they had returned the check. I waited to see if the merchant resubmitted the check or to get instructions from said merchant on how to fix the situation. I have no recollection of ever receiving anything and it doesn't appear that the merchant re-submitted the check for payment.

Fast forward to this week (7 months later), I get a letter from the Los Angeles District Attorney Bad Check Restitution Program threatening a possible 3 year prison term if I don't send them $276.75 check and attend a counseling class. I did a little online searching and found out that this is private company under contract with the LA county DA to recover bad check funds.

I have no problem sending the merchant a new check to cover his costs...but I DO NOT want to pay for and attend a totally unnecessary class on financial responsibility. This seems like a naked attempt to make money and I'm struggling enough trying to keep a roof over my head and food in the house.

What are my options?

Dont think you have a choice. Did you ever contact the merchant to pay them directly when this happened??

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