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Last week I had a charge come through on my debit card from gas I bought a couple days prior! It put my account .23 in the negative. I knew I had a small charge I just made of around 3.00. That should total 70.00 in NSF fees! I made a deposit the next day and there were no charges. I waited a couple days and still no charges! I called and asked why? The answer was "We can't borrow money from the tax payers without giving back! Your account will not be charged if you have less than ten dollars in negatives or if you cover a negative by the end of the next business day!"
That was a credit union only policy before this! There are other changes in place as well such as a max of 4 NSF fees per day! Does anyone know of others? Please tell us if you do! I heard they do not put a huge hold on gas purchases anymore or delay posting sales put through as charges but I can't substantiate that!

It would be really great to know more about these things.

Sometimes we really get no idea what we would be charged for and when we wouldn't. But I think we need to know it with certainty so that we can plan things accordingly.

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that is great :) I know i made a similar mistake with my credit union (I was 17 cents short for a gas purchase) and i know have $85 in NSF.

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