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I have a loan with BofA since 2004. I sent in a payment in July of 09 they refused it and sent it back. In August 09 they informed us our loan was behind. Sent Certified funds as advised to bring current. Did not hear from BofA until March 2010, the house is up for Sale. BofA applied the funds to Escrow and not the loan. I have contacted them and have only received the run around. Not sure what to do. Is there some where I can complain? Do I send a complaint to the Attorney Regulator that a crime has been committed, fraud.

Hi, as I was going through your situation I think the best option is to have a word with a nearby attorney from your city and state. And explain him the entire situation you are in right now and I am sure the attorney will give you the right decision.

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Van Cliburn Van Cliburn

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You can also file a complaint with the Office of the Controller of Currency! That is the federal agency that monitors that National Banks! No bank wants them coming around! Especially now!

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