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I saw a commercial for Ally Bank on TV and looked at their website. They offer higher than average rates for savings accounts, free debit cards, free checks, no ATM fees and seem like a good bank. I opened an account, and other than one minor glitch with the security questions (they couldn't identify me so I had to call in), they opened my account and sent my welcome back.

Does anyone (MCA?) know anything about them? I'm on EWS, so I'm not sure if I should worry about my account being closed later on...thoughts? comments? experiences?

I am not sure why some are approved and others are not at Ally Bank. They do for sure use chexsystems but there are some that do get approved. To my knowledge they do not use EWS and I have never had anyone tell me that they were able to open an account that was later closed with them

I would still be cautious and only use a safe check ordering company when you order checks just to be extra safe

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