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I read a bit on here about Woodforest checks not being taken by local businesses? Can anyone expand on this? Is there really a huge stigma for Woodforest account holders. I am looking for an apartment, and I would rather not write a check if it's going to cause me to get a cold reaction from a potential landlord...

Woodforest has a very bad reputation, because they are known as sec chance banking by all, and what happens in so many cases, many of the customer they give sec chance account to open an account but within a few months mess it over after writing tons of checks. sad part is that most of Woodforest customers are regular banking customers, that now are being looked down upon in certain areas, as a result of the stupid folks messing things up.

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atse_nudale_dutoi atse_nudale_dutoi

(Posts: 3 | Credits: ) does this mean woodforest checks won't be taken in a lot of other banks?

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I was in a pizza place in my area not long ago and I noticed there was a note taped to the register saying they would not accept checks from Woodforest Bank.

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tmase711111 tmase711111

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We are finding that woodforest must leave checks on thier counters for those who have not recieved checks yet. Anyway people write in information and pass checks . They do not even have an account with woodforest

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