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I filed bankrupcey now it's been 12 years a chapter 13 where I paid everyone back and it was finished 8 years ago.
I went to apply for credit with GE Capital bank and was denied so I had to wait on the letter,in the letter they had down bankrupcy proceedings,I have not filed another bankrupcy and my bankrupcy was discharged over 8 years ago so if any lawyers reading this can you shed some light.

I think it stays on your credit for 10 years. KYSIDE38

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Well, my bankruptcy was discharged in 2001 and I was able to get credit again. I was under the impression that even though it was discharged it would stay on my credit report. Maybe you should get an actual copy of your credit report and see if it was in fact discharged.

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Lorri Lorri
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I know some credit companies won't give credit if there is a bankruptcy showing on your credit report, even though it's been discharged.

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brownsugar brownsugar

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It depends how much of a risk the creditor is willing to undertake ...

A bankruptcy is a derogatory record, that does stay on your credit for 10 years from the discharge date. Some creditors will give out loans to people who have been bankrupt in the past, some won't.

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DebtCruncher DebtCruncher
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You can write the three msjor credit reports (equafax, experion, etc..) and have it taken off your cedit report. I filed complete bankrupcey back in 2000,and withen 2 months after filing and going to court, i bought a brand new $20,000.00. truck. and within 4 years i had bought my first $150,000.00 house.

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You must have had good credit prior to filing bankruptcy and that was maybe how you were able to do those things. I filed for bankruputcy and was never able to fully recover. But my credit was in the crapper because I tried to avoid it, however my husband declared it in 2003 and he has already refinanced our home, purchased an investment property and bought a vehicle. He had great credit to begin with. Now he has a fico score that puts him on A paper.

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ladybug ladybug

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It depends on the creditor, your job history, income, the timeframe that the loans were taken out, etc.

A couple of years ago the credit industry was completely different. I had horrible credit and was able to buy a house, get another credit cards, etc.

My credit score now is over 100 points better and I can't get credit to save my life, even a secured loan or a refinance due to my personal circumstances being different. Each lender looks at things differently.

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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