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I am planning to file Chapter 13 in roder to get rid of a ton of medical bills. The total amount to about $28,000. I am 69 and without a source of regular income. All I have is an annuity, a very small pension and my SS checks. Would I qualify for Chapter 13? Also, I live in Yuma, Arizona. Does anybody have any contact information to a legal aid society in the county?

Have you tried doing the means test to see if you qualify for chapter 7? You do have a regular source of income....that being your annuity, pension and SSI. If you qualify, do a chapte r7...get a fresh start.

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Explain the annuity. . .

Your SS cannot be garnished so long as you segregate it from any other funds. It should be going into a bank account to which NO OTHER funds sit. If you have been commingling the $$ go to the bank tomorrow, open a NEW account and have the SS deposited there. DO NOT put any $$ in the account except SS.

Your pension is exempt at the source but once it hits a bank account (that does not have SS), it is fair game. Live off of this $$ before you touch the SS.

Cannot comment on the annuity as there is insufficient information. As a result, I cannot tell if you might do a 7, 13 or no bk at all.

And. . . you do have regular income therefore you can do a 13 if you can afford whatever Plan payment is required - just don't know if a 13 is the way to go.

Talk to a bk attny. Consultations are usually free. In addition, the bk court has a self help center. See below for the link.



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I used a document person to do mine, they are in Tempe - They helped me quite a bit, I couldn't afford an attorney when we had to do ours for medical reasons - $25000 helicopter ride not covered by insurance + other.. Let me know if you want the info and I will PM you..

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