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I have also just learned that I am going to be served papers for a supposedly payday loan for amount of $1400.00 dollars. I do not believe I owe this and they are giving me today's to basically come up with the money. Unlike the other post I read where they did not have a current address I have had the same address since 2004 and the same phone number forever. This company westwood is now calling everyone looking for me but only called me two days ago to inform me about this debt. I asked for documentation and I was told I could not get the documentation and could not dispute this debt. I asked them why they wanted until two days ago to call me if this debt was from 2007. They stated I got something from the orignal company Midland Financial but I have not received anything. I told them I wanted to check them out to make sure they were a legit company but the address I was given comes up with a game website. I also have been unemployed since 2010, but have been at the same address and phone long term and never have been served anything or any communication from either company. What rights do I have?

Who was the original lender? What state are you in? This sounds like a scam to me.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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I am in Louisiana and the parent company of Midland Financial is Bama Marketing Group, LLC

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do not pay a dime to this westwood,or midland.nobody calls ahead to say they are going to serve you.that is a typical bottomfeeder tactic.also them stating you needed to pay right away,and they can't send you will not be confirm this look up your court clerk's website and use your name as the defendent.if this was legit(which it's not)it would be in that website.when you find nothing.file police reports as that is harrassment.then use any info like the names of both midland,and westwood to file AG and FTC complaints.then ignore future calls.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for the information.

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