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I've been hearing stuff about BK debt buyers, what's the deal with that?

Are you speaking of debt buyers that buy debts that are included in a BK? If so, I've had collection agencies contacting me about debts that are included in my BK. My attorney had told me that this collection agencies try to make money from these debts even though they are included. I had collection agency that I listed in my BK, and instead of sending the debt back to the original creditor, they sold it to another collection agency, probably thinking I wouldn't catch the name of who they were collecting for.

They are not supposed to be doing this. If a collection agency is no longer interested in a debt because it's listed in a BK, they're supposed to send it back to the original creditor, not keep passing it along to other collection agencies.

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m.lm1947 m.lm1947

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Yes, many collection agencies do try to collect on debts which has already been discharged in bankruptcy. But these collection agencies are just scum and this act of buying bankruptcy is not supported by law.

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phoenix phoenix
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I think this is what I've heard about. Thanks! Since we are in the process of BK I was just wanting to make sure I had my eyes open to any fishy business. Reny

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lmale lmale

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It's perfectly legal for a creditor to ask for payment on a discharged debt after a bankruptcy is over. What's wrong with asking for payment on a debt the debtor incurred? Does a debt vaporize just because a judge says it does? Really? All of you BK goofs should move to a different country. I'm sick and tired of paying for your credit card debt.

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No it is not! It is a violation of the bankruptcy code to attempt to collect on a debt that you know was included in bankruptcy. What is wrong with asking?? All obligation to pay is legally excused.

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You're wrong, Guest (Astonished). Bankruptcy filing is the last option considered by the borrowers to get rid of their debts. Getting a bankruptcy discharge means that the court has forgiven the debts of the borrowers and the creditors cannot pursue them to collect the dues. However, if it is a secured debt, then the borrower can surrender the property and the lender can sell off the collateral in order to recover as much dues as possible.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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1. Hey SOAPLADY: Of course a creditor can ask to be paid AFTER (do you understand the word AFTER?) a bankruptcy is over!

2. Hey "Debt Samaritan": Why don't you get a real job? Do you think the rest of us like paying the debts of others? Discharge does not mean that a "court has forgiven debts". What it REALLY means is that the debts have been shifted onto the backs of people like me that get up every day to make a real living! I WORK FOR A LIVING! I DON'T PLAY ON MY I-PHONE ALL DAY LIKE ALL YOU BK GOOFS!

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Maybe you do not understand that a creditor CANNOT ask after a bankruptcy has been is a violation of the bankruptcy code...the debt has been discharge....maybe you

A lot of people who have filed bankruptcy including myself work for a living. Maybe insteading of swilling that beer after your most likely overpaid union job, you should open a newspaper or listen to the news. People who have worked hard for a living are LOOSING THEIR JOBS thru no fault of their own. This country has record unemployment.Bankruptcy for some is survival.

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Astonished you are severely do you figure YOU pay for discharged debt? And you are forgetting that even companies get bankruptcies and credit card banks get baled out of debt with YOUR perhaps you should be pissed at the corporate bigwigs who get rich of the blood of the working class Joe instead of attacking other people who fall on hard times and have no other recourse but bankruptcy.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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You sound just like that person that is going from bk site to bk site and singing and crying the same tone. hidding behind a computer makes it easy for you to talk junk.

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