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Can my husband file chapter 13 alone without affecting me??

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[COLOR=black]Hi, my husband is planning to file bk (chap.13) -- without me being all agree upon. I do not want to be part of it ...and he is also told by attorney that I don't need to partner with him in filing. But, I am concerned. We do own a house together and also on many credit card i was using that as well. Now, I would like to stay out of this since - I am student and hopefully soon I will be looking for job. After being stay at home mom dealing with children???s sickness, own sickness quit job --and now gone back to school to make myself or help myself with better opportunity available. So, if my husband includes me in bk how would that affect me with my job search and job?? And, if He files alonechap.13 - what can and can not happen?? Please help me I am loosing sleep over this issue.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]Thank you so much in advance for any answer.[/COLOR]

Are you joint on the cards or authorized user. If you are joint, it will affect you. If authorized, get your name off them so they dont affect your credit.

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Thanks soaplady.So credit card company wouldn't have objection removing my name from card?? lets say my husband did file alone and since I don' thve any of my own income --can credit card company still harrass me or sue me?? Also what impact can I have with bk on my job -- I hold a security clearence don't know about the future job. Please help me with my dilemma. :(

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Again, are you an authorized user or joint account holder? Joint means you applied together for the card. Authorized means you were added on.

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