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I had my Trailblazer repossessed about 2 months ago. It finally sold at auction and I got the notice yesterday. Unfortunately, it only sold for half of what I owe. JD Byrider approved us for a vehicle, but their vehicles were high in mileage and not too pretty to look at. Just as I was about to sign for the best they could offer me, my mother-in-law calls and offers to sell me her car (better condition). What should I do? I'm afraid that I'll get sued because of the deficiency and they'll take any vehicle I get. What would happen if I filed for bankrupsy? What is my best option?

Is your mom giving you the car? Taking payments? You will be pursued for the definciency balance on the repo'd vehicle and it is possible they may sue you for it.

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Well, I think its better to take care of your debt first before before agreeing to your mother-in-law's offer. If the creditor is awarded a judgement against you, they can put a lien on your assets, which will include the car.

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