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Trustee Charging Us Over $2,500, Must Be Paid in 30 Days

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14 months ago we filed for Chap 7 bankruptcy in Florida pro se. It was discharged about 3-4 months after filing, but a couple of months after that the trustee sent us a letter stating we owed over $8,000 in overages on our assets that must be paid in full within 45 days. Well, if we had that kind of money, we wouldn't have had to file for bankruptcy or at the least, been able to hire an attorney! I politely questioned their method of calculation (there was no explanation other than we had an overage on assets). She sent me a simple explanation that we went over our $2,000 allowed by over $8,000. She had basically ignored our schedules and came up with random values at her discretion. When I protested (nicely), she sent me a new bill stating we owed over $3,000 instead that must be paid in full within 30 days. My husband is going through medical issues that is requiring a lot of co-pays, and we simply do not have it, and our income is less than $2,000 annually. When I questioned again, she sent an appraiser. After the appraiser did her thing, they are now saying we owe $2,500 that must be paid in full within 30 days. We are NOT refusing to pay; we simply do not have it. We do not even see anything we could sell within 30 days to raise that kind of money. We are at a loss as to what to do. I offered to bring some of our assets to her for them to sell (I thought that is what a trustee did), but she only wants cash. What happens if we do not pay this?

A trustee pays a big role in the bankruptcy court. It's sad to see this kind of conduct. I feel you should file a formal complaint against the trustee for unethical behavior and discrimination. It is quite evident that the trustee has a personal financial interest in the case and wants to manipulate plan funds.

Contact the U.S. Trustee Program field office in your region and file a formal complaint.

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