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I had to take out payday loans to help with emergency expenses with my girlfriend. Because of a domestic abuse case we had to find a daycare and start paying 300 biweekly for a babysitter and bills kept piling up. We took out PDl to help but our income then decreased shortly after so I was unable to pay. I have about 6000 in PDL and about 6000 in other bills from 2009 and then medical bills that are in collections and being threatened to be taken to court. Those are just my bills not including current bills such as rent and current daycare and expenses I can not get ahead for the love of me. Tax return will clear her 8000 debt but leave mine out there and with them pursuitimg s,all claims court and no longer able to pay any on the PDL's I'm thinking filing or starting and paying my retainer fee is the only way out. Any thoughts or advice? I lost my job 3 weeks ago and start my new one Monday but those checks will only afford current living expenses.

What state are you in? Names of lenders, how much originally borrowed, and how much paid back so far? Very good possibility that lenders are illegal. As far as bankruptcy goes, think hard about this. Is it possible to borrow money from family member?

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Your pdl's could well be illegal. Other debts could almost be out of SOL. Please list out your debts and state you live in.

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I have no way to borrow over 10k. Not even close and the loans are all legal. All store front from where I live, South Dakota.

A lot of the medical bills and PDl are going to small claims very soon if I don't do something and fast

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Geez, you are in a bind. With the legal PDL's you will have to go to collections. Once this is done, contact their corporate offices, explain your circumstances and setup a payment plan with them. Not sure what your credit score is or your girlfriend's, but you or she might be able to obtain financing from or the If none of this is doable, then you may very well have to file bankruptcy.

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