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How to close a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and reopen it

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Does receiving an "order to close chapter 13 case without discharge" mean it is being closed or can I stop it somehow and avoid the fees involved in reopening to complete my Pre-discharge Debtor Education course. My attorney didn't tell us the details or timeline of when the 2nd course had to be completed. He finally sent us a link to the site on 5-17 and today 5-19 I received the "order to close" dated 5-15. Is it now too late to avoid the filing fees of reopening or do I have a chance to get it done and submitted before the case is actually closed? The notice from the court does not say it "IS" closed, just an "order to close" If it is too late, is there a way to try to get the $235 filing fees for my wife and I waived if My attorney will not cover them since he was so unclear with us on when the course had to be completed? Thank You for any info you can provide. I am in California if that matters..

The court might close your case. you need reopen your case and repay the entire filing fee.

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sanderspatricia29 sanderspatricia29

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You can do only these things to manage the whole thing:

1. Complete the Debtor Education course.
2. Prepare Form 23 and file it with the court.
3. Prepare a motion to reopen your bankruptcy case.
4. File your motion to reopen the case. You have to pay the $235 fees, there's no way you can avoid it.
5. Schedule a hearing date, serve the motion and notice of hearing, and attend the hearing.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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