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We filed chapter 13 Dec 2010 the amount was 800.00 per month and a real struggle. 3 months later I got laid off but we managed to pay it. I have since found a new job but utilities and the cost of living is so much higher we have had a hard time. Our Lawyer told us to we had until June to catch up on the payments but just yesterday we received notice that the Bankruptcy was closed. Now what? Our Lawyer is on vacation and we have no answers. What now. Do we go to a debt consolidation agency? Will we now start to get sued? any help will be greatly appreciated.

Not enough info. You mention "closed". Did you really mean your case was dismissed due to failure to pay? If so and you can bring payments current you should be able to file a Motion to Reinstate but it needs to be done quickly as once the case is dismissed, creditors are free to collect/foreclose/repo. When will the attny be back in the office?


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When I say closed it was closed For non payment. The attorney told us we had until June to catch up on payments which is what we were trying to do. But this week we received notice it was dismissed. He has returned to the office but has not returned our numerous messages. I think he dropped the ball now we stuck.

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Your case was not closed then, it was dismissed. It will eventually be "closed" once the Trustee does his/her final accounting.

If you can bring the payments current you should be able to get the case reinstated.

If the attny is not returning your calls, show up at his/her office.


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