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I finished chapter seven months ago.I did not reaffirm my home with wells fargo.I am current on all mortage payments.If i decide to sell my home,and there is some equity in the home, dose this goe to the banks are do i get to keep the equity. I have always been current with all payments even during bankrupsy.If i stay for a few years and stay current can i still sell

Its pretty simple really. If you decide to surrender your home to the lender and provided that the lender can sell the home for an amount exceeding your outstanding mortgage balance, he will give you the amount over and above which would also include the equity. You get nothing if the sell price+equity is less that the outstanding mortgage balance.

You didn't reaffirm your house means that you are personally not liable for paying off the remainder of your mortgage amount and your lender cannot come after you for the deficit amount.

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