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hello :D
i am a new member to ya'lls forum. HELLO!!!
I had some health problems. wound up in the hospital.
died twice, thank the lord they brought me back.
or why in the world did they? because of the illness i am disabled, i was bring in around 45k a year. now i am on a fixed income. of 1500.00 a month. the hospital wants there 10%
as do all the other dr's. ''some i have never heard of or seen''
but am assured, that they were there. ok..
i don't make enough money to pay them back. i don't make enough money to pay my household,car, ins mortgage,gas,lights ,water... i have no credit cards.'put a stop to that ,years ago'' if i pay bills, i cannot eat [not an exaggeration] so i pay the bills, i don't eat. not enough cash.
i have tried foodstamp program, ha ha ha ha. i make about
75 dollars to much!!!!!. i don't want to file bankruptcy.
but it looks like i have no other options. my credit is already ruined. because i have not paid them. should i just blow everybody off, ? for the next ten years.? i wont appling for any loans. can't pay em back. so what do i care about credit?
i guess iam depressed. i went from ''doing good''
to a bean eaten bum. overnite.

Don't be so hard on yourself bad things happen to good people. Do you receive disability? I am on disability and in order to qualify for medicaid and foodstamps and medicare I have to pay for 5 different insurance policies to bring my income down to $866.00 per month because at a $1,028.00 per month in SSDI is too much money to qualify for medicaid, medicare even though I am at like 133% below poverty level at $12,000.00 a year. I know where you are coming from.

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ladybug ladybug

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Frodo, I'm sorry to hear of your problems!

Bankruptcy may be the best alternative for you since it doesn't sound like it will be possible for you to pay the medical bills.

Also, have you checked with your utility companies? Many of them have special programs for low income people. And as Ladybug mentioned, if there is anyway to bring your income level down by $75 per month, then you might be able to qualify for food stamps and other benefits that would more than make up for that $75.

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alias1958 alias1958

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