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I filed Chpt 13 bankruptcy almost 2 years ago and have been making my monthly payments. Lately, i have found myself in a never ending loop of taking out payday loans, paying them, taking them out again...etc...etc.. I don't feel like i'll ever be able to escape this viscious cycle. Can I use my Chapt 13 case / status to basically default on these loans? I know default is probably the wrong word, but basically advise the payday loan folks that i have filed Chpt 13 Bankruptcy, and have them submit a claim? I know it's not the most ethical of actions on my part, but i feel so trapped by these organizations and don't feel like i'll ever be able to get my head above water.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

No you cannot include them in your bankruptcy since these where incurred after your filing date.

However, are these loans legal? What state you live in and who did you borrow from??

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I am in Ohio and the group i borrowed from is

Thanks you again for your help!

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PDO is legal. Call them and ask for an extended payment plan. They'll work with you.

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