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I am 85 yr.old male,partly disabled and receiving SS and other Ret. totaling about $2200.00 monthly. I have 1 rentel house,with rent of $600.00 and payment of $595.00 plus Taxes & Ins. owe a bal. of $48,000.00.

I owe CC & LOC unsecured debt, in my name only of about $40,000,and another 40,000 with my son as co-owner, (which I'll have to exempt). Have been planning to file Ch.13 BK, but I'll have to exclude the $40,000 which is co-owned,and which I can hardly pay now. I have pd NOTHING on the first $40,000 CCs and LOCs since last Nov 2011 because of falling and breaking my hip and Hospitalized for nearly 3 months, and things just got out of control.

Some have been turned over to CAs. I don't know wheather coninue with CH.13, or just these go to court & judgement. Hope this isn't too long,(more to tell but then it WILL be too long.

Any comments or help will be helpful- - - -Thanks

They may not allow you to exempt it as it would be seen as a preferrential payment. You probably should be ditching the rental too since you cannot afford it.

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