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Does filing a bankruptcy affect getting a job?

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I have a query. If I file bankruptcy, will it affect my getting a job negatively? Somewhere I heard that the organizations check your credit score and all. That's what I want to be sure. If yes, then how long will it affect?

Some employer check credit score before offering a job to a candidate. Yes, it is true that filing a bankruptcy can hurt your credit score significantly. But, you can regain it by managing your credit cards properly. You can even explain the reason of filing bankruptcy to the employer. If they find the reason is valid and you are a responsible credit user from long time, they can offer you the job.
However, why are your filing bankruptcy? How much is your debt? Do you think about other debt repayment options?

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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It would affect you in the following circumstances:

You want to do a job in the accounts department. If you can't handle your finances, then how will you manage the accounts of an organization?
You want to work in a government organization. They often hesitate to recruit someone who has filed bankruptcy.

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