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I messed up my chapter 7 bankruptcy bad and feel hopeless

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I filed for chapter 7 in February, I was drowning in credit card debt and payments for student and personal loans. Over the past 5 years my debt went from 50k to 200k, a lot of compulsive buying and taking from one card to pay another escalated my debt fast. By February of this year I had only been late a few times on one of my many credit cards. Almost all of the luxury goods, expensive clothing, etc. I had sold off in the 1-2 years prior to filing for chapter 7 and used the money received to pay my card balances but then still used my cards. By the time I went to file, I had little to nothing left. I dont own my home, have a car, or any investments/real assets. On my bankruptcy petition, I didnt accurately list all of the items I owned.

When I went to file, I had about 200 dollars to my name. I was going to sell the last few items I had to pay for the bankruptcy, which is not right but at the time I was desperate and didn't have a choice I thought. Long story short, after months of motions from the US trustee office, I finally went for a 2004 debtors exam. This ended up horribly, as I perjured myself by stating that my bankruptcy petition was accurate and it was demonstrated that it wasn't by showing that I sold merchandise after I filed for the chapter 7. A few small leather goods, a coat, a pair of shoes, some gloves, scarf etc. totaling around $1700.00

My attorney didnt seem too worried, even though at one point the US attorney got up and said you can tell your client this case will be dismissed. we still went on for hours and hours. at the end of the deposition I left there feeling like the worst person ever. My attorney and I spoke after she conferred with the other side for about 15 minutes. My attorney told me that the other side might be willing to change my bankruptcy from 7 to 13 but I dont see how that can happen as I dont make enough to pay the monthly payments. She told me if the case gets dismissed, well most of these creditors might not even try to contact me, which in my eyes there is a 1% chance that will happen. I am sure I will be sued left and right. I told her that I would do whatever possible to not have the case dismissed. She said not to worry, she will present something to the other side.

I know that what I did was wrong, I wish I could do it all over again. I have no idea what is going to happen to me, will I get locked up? will i get dismissed? will I have to tell everyone I know that I am going to probably been sued left all the time and served with law suits and harassing calls? I dont know but I am a wreck over this. All of this could have been prevented by accurately listing the items on the bankruptcy petition. I am sharing this as I need an outlet right now because I am feel very helpless, upset with myself and I never would harm myself but feelings are there. Even though its common sense to be accurate on bankruptcy documents, I am also sharing for anyone who might down the road file and feel the urge to leave something their petitions.

I know that what I did was wrong, I wish I could do it all over again. I have no idea what is going to happen to me, will I get locked up?

You won't get locked up. But yes, your bankruptcy case can be dismissed. You current scenario is indicating that only. Do you have a job right now? Your attorney should have guided you properly.

Your case won't be converted to Chapter 13 unless you have a regular source of income. It isn't that easy.

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope others won't do the same mistake. And, you can share your experience and thoughts here. At least, you can get some valuable advice from others.

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