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Our mortgage company is giving me problems processing our payment.

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Our bankruptcy has been discharged two weeks ago. On 9/24 I called our mortgage company to make a payment. As far as they will tell me this is the only way I can make payments to them. I gave them my account numbers and they read the numbers back to me and they were correct. I was watching for the payment to come thru on 10/1 but it did not. I called them on 10/4 to ask why the payment had not posted and they told me that the account number was incorrect. They read the account number back and they had put an extra 5 on the end. That was NOT the number that was read back to me. I gave them the new number and had them read it back again and it was correct. It is now 10/6 and the payment has still not been processed. I tried calling them on 10/5 to see why it had not come thru and I can't get ahold of customer service and they "bankruptcy department" was closed suddenly at noon. Is there anything I can do to deal with these people? We have NEVER missed a mortgage payment and have never been late on a payment to them in the past.

Have you tried paying your mortgage though the automated phone system there should be one. Or have you even gone to their web site and tried setting up and online account. Or better yet send the pymt through the mail I postive they wont send your money back and always makesure your account number in on your check or money order if you go that route.

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Being that it is so soon after your bankrutpcy, the status may not have changed yet. You will have to wait until tomorrow to talk to the BK department.

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If you have a checking account, paying with their billpay function is the cheapest, simplest, surest way of making sure the payment reaches them.

If you can't use online billpay, you should send a check or money order thru the mail.

Bankruptcy shouldn't affect whether your payments are accepted or not, only your ability to pay at their website should be affected.

Sometimes people have problems in how their extra principal is applied, though. In that case you will need to call their bankruptcy department.

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