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I'm in over my head.
I was a substitute teacher, but there were so many that I rarely got any jobs. Nor did I have healthcare, so every medical expense was out of pocket. So I started living off credit cards, in hope to secure better work. Worked retail on side, retail cut hours to nothing once January came. Bills added up, payday loans added up, student loans.
This summer I got hired full-time temp to perm. Never got full-time hours, then let go after a few weeks because "they hired too many". Okay. Got hired at Starbucks day later. Working, but no paycheck for a few weeks, but will only get 25-30 hours a week. Trying to find a full-time job or another place to work. I have -1000 in one bank account from bills (lots of it are fees and daily overdraft charges...) and $2 in my other.
I tried applying for welfare, but I can't get unemployment, I can't qualify for foodstamps or any aid programs.
I have no car. I do not own a home, property, stock, assets. I have hand-me down furniture. My boyfriend and I keep our finances completely separate, we share expenses equally.
So, I'm overwhelmed, stressed, vomiting, and basically can't function. I was responsible through college, but now at 25 I can't support myself. My boyfriend helps me cover rent because he knows I'm down and pays more for food than I do.
I've figured out I'm behind on six accounts, but the two big ones are Citi (one for $8k the other for $5k. Old Navy I made a payment plan on, but Citi wants me to settle (if I even had an extra 200, I'd give it to them... =(). My Macy, Target, and three smaller balance (less than 500 limit) credit cards are okay, paid on time, even with difficulty or overdrawing on bank account. I have four (almost three, one is almost paid off) legal payday loans, which are also draining me to the core. I'm so exhausted. I'm so worried. I don't have any family members to borrow from (as Citi HONESTLY suggested to me that I do.) My credit score is already terrible. My mental health is fading.
I want to just call bankruptcy and start over and live super frugally. If I do that, can I keep my cards that have been okay? Will my wages be garnished (they're nothing as it is now.) Will I be able to keep my out of date computer? Will they take away my boyfriend's things?
All the charities in my city seem to focus on impoverished African-Americans, and I feel guilty trying to get help. I don't know what to do. I can't afford a lawyer. I just want the nightmare of debt to end. And I really don't want to go into stripping because I was sexually assaulted when I was younger. Even if I worked every single hour in a week, I won't have enough to make all my bills on time, up to date. Please please help.

You still live in PA?? If is, ALL PDL's are prohibited....basically illegal.
Who did you borrow from???

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Great Plains
Plain Green
Greenlight Funds

I had no problems getting these. =/ Can't they skirt it though by saying it is a "cash advance"?

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amd115 amd115

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my bank charges a fee to stop withdrawals from a company. I'm so in over my head and they are no help.

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You do not do a stop payment, you do an ACH revocation which is a right under federal law. Follow the link in my signature line for information on how to deal with illegal loans,.

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The bank charges $35 per ACH revocation. =( I have literally no dollars to give them that.

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Did you read the steps in my signature link? You revoke your authorization with the lender. You give a copy to your bank. You're simply making them aware that you've revoked your authorization. You should close the account. If you can't close it because it's overdrawn, tell them you need it to be put on a deposit only status until it can be closed.

You only should have repaid the principal on your PDLs. None of them are legal/licensed. If you've overpaid, ask for a refund.

Read the link!

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