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If your redemption is turned down by the courts can you still keep the car if you pay what is owed to catch up on the loan also if the court approves the redemption can the creditor turn down the offer

Under which chapter are you filing. You can choose to reaffirm the auto loan debt I believe. What does your attorney say?

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 09/20/2012 - 00:32

Steve Barris Steve Barris

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1. If the Court denies the Motion to Redeem you can attempt to reaffirm a) if your discharge has not been entered and b) if you bring payments current or the lender is willing to work with you on bringing payments current.

2. If the Court approves the Motion to Redeem the lender is bound by the Court Order however, payment must be made very quickly, typically within 30 to 90 days depending upon what the Order states.

As a side note. . . Assuming no redemption, the lender may not care about a reaffirmation agreement if you bring payments current and continue to voluntarily service the loan. It just depends upon the lender's policy regarding such matters.


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despritfreya despritfreya

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