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I saw a lawyer regarding Chapter 7. I will be going this route. Now may I ask how do people pay for this. She said the faster the better but I am so far behind on things that need to get paid.
Could anyone tell me how long it took for them to pay the fees.
Another thing I will be filing pdl. One is legal and they said theay are going to file a small claim. How does that get delivered and am I gong to get sued?
Thank you and this place has been a great help and support.

If you are filing bankrutpcy, stop paying everything except utilities, insurance, rent/mortgage and insurance. That should free up money to pay the attorney and the bankrtupcy. Follow the link in my signature line on how to stop illegal lenders....even if your lenders are legal, STOP PAYING THEM. Follow every step....ach and wage assignment revcocation, close your bank account and open a new one. Stop answering the phone.

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I know that I must show copies of tax returns. One lawyer said the pass two years this lawyer the pass three.
She has my husband check stubs but since I am filing alone and also filed my pass two years of taxes seperatly are those the only copies I need are mine?
You foks are all great here for support.

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by attorney had a $500 cash retainer fee and then $1100 was the remaining balance to be paid $100 a month for 11 months interest free.

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