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How long does it take to go to court once creditor decides to sue?

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I am in the process of preparing for a bankruptcy. I still owe my attorney around $750.00. After it is paid off, bankruptcy will be filed with the court. All of the creditors that I have contacted have pretty much backed off when told that I will be filing for bankruptcy. The local hospital that I owe will not. They will continue to try to collect on the debt. Won't have attorney paid off until the spring. I told the lady at the Collection agency that has the acct that the bankruptcy would be filed around the spring time, but she said that by then, the hospital will have the acct back and would probably farm it out to another collection agency. What I'd like to know is, would they actually try to sue knowing that I am filing for bankruptcy over the next several months...and how long does it take once a creditor sues before case is settled? It seems like a waste of money on their part to do so, especially if by the time they get around to filing...I will probably have already filed for bankruptcy protection...Any answers?

They can sue you, but the chances are less. If you file bankruptcy, automatic stay will be imposed on the lawsuits. They won't be able to collect the debt. Moreover, it'll take some time to settle debt in the court.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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thanks ditch debt. Your response makes me feel better, and having an attorney also helps. If creditor trys anything, my attorney can handle it for me. I'll just be glad when the bankruptcy is done.

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do you know what type you qualify for -- a chap 7 vs a chap 13 is very different -- on a 7 they are usually more nervous since its a total discharge -- and even if they do sue you, once your bankruptcy is placed as long as you list that creditor originally, they were reverse out the judgement --

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chrissyhen1 chrissyhen1

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