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I am still trying to find out if internet pay day loan companies are legal in Louisiana? I have contacted the OFI and State Attorney General's office and have not received much help...; however after doing my own research, this is what I am getting. They are not regualted by the Attorney General's office and they are "legal" in Louisiana BUT they must follow the state's guideline, such as Max loan amount is $350; Max fee amount is $20 per hundred; no rollovers...If they do not follow this guidelines then they are considered illegal...I owe 3B pay day loans, which loaned me $500 ( I only owe them $100); LoanShop online ( I have paid them over $300 MORE than the initial loan amount) and AAA PayDay Loan company...Anyone has any thoughts on this...I have decided to close this checking account and try to work with these companies should they prove to be "legal" because I did contact them before all of this and was told " they will not make any payment arrangements unless your account is in colllections"..In other words, have the bank return the ACH and then we will work with you. I also faxed and emailed to them a letter revoking any ACH authorization that I gave them previously and a copy to my bank...My bank is CHASE and they ARE NOT helpful. The banker looked at this letter like I was crazy until I told her they HAD to honor...

Contact with Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions to know whether or not the pdl companies are licensed in your state.

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