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Has anyone filed chp 13 that has income around 75,000? I'm trying to figure out how much I might be required to pay each month. Is it likely I would have to pay back all my unsecured debt which is close to 60k? I'm just trying to figure out if BK is worth it vs. a DMP that I got info about from CCCS? The DMP had me paying about 744/mo for about 4.5 years

The biggest risk with a DMP is that you will get sued in the middle of it. It happens quite frequently. It all depends on who your creditors are...DMP's are done in voluntary cooperation and there are some creditors who wont participate or decide half way they have had enough.
Who do you owe? You also cannot include secured debts in DMP's ...or student loans.

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it's all unsecured debt, credit cards. i dont own any property or have any assets. From what I've researched I dont think id qualify for chp 7.

i didn't think about getting sued for using a dmp. CCCS seemed to know on average who would participate, only discover card was the worst interest rate at 16%, You'd think getting paid through the DMP would be better than wading through bankruptcy??

I wish there was an easy answer, but I realize there's so many different scenarios, I just dont want to go through the hassle of bankruptcy if it's not going to do me any good.

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