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Please forgive my lack of knowledge on this matter but what is the point of the means test in the first place? From what I read is that the only thing that really is looked at is the schedule I Vs Schedule J. Take me for example, If I make $2000 monthly and my wife makes $800 monthly we fall way below the median income here in Arizona. Our bills as they are now add up to about $2400-$2600... As I understand it I would not be able to file chapter 7 even though we passed the means test with flying colors, in fact it tells me that I would have -$63000 to pay my creditors after 5 years ( im not sure if it is a reliable test or not). I know that we would technically have $200 left over but we also lack health ins and other needs that come up as well. Now I know I put myself into this mess so it is me to blame but I am just a little confused. Thank you in advance for any knowledge you can give me.

I guess I confused on why They give you allowances in the initial means test that you are not allowed to put on the schedule J.

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