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how the heck do I get a car loan after filing chp 13

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It will be one year in March since I filed, my payments are garnished out of my checks. I just wrecked my car and I don't know for sure yet, but I think it's totaled, the loan was included in the bk.

I went to JD byrider today just to see what my options were and he said as long as i was still in chp 13, nobody would approve me for a loan. I dont exactly have a couple grand sitting around to buy a car.

SUrely this can be done some how.
I do have a famlily member willing to to cosign.
I emailed my lawyer and he said, I needed to find somewhere that would give me the terms of the loan, int rate, etc and then he could petition the court for me to get a a new loan.

While difficult, it is not impossible to obtain vehicle financing while in a Chapter 13. I have never had a client tell me they could not find financing. Yes, you will pay a high interest rate, but you can get financed. You just need to shop around. When you go to a dealership (and it does not have to be a scummy dealership like JD) you bypass the salesman and go straight to the finance department. Don’t waste your time if the dealership is not willing to help secure financing.

If your Plan has been confirmed you probably just need the ok from the Trustee. If your Plan has not been confirmed you probably need the ok from the judge. If you do not have an attny contact your Trustee to find out what the procedure is.


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despritfreya despritfreya

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I did contact my lawyer and he said, after I find financing, he will petition the court to approve it. Since it's the only car I have or rather don't have now, i don't see why they wouldn't approve it.

My point in coming here was to find out if anyone knew any specific lenders willing to help. I can't just randomly apply to all these places and have 17 inquiries on my credit.

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smlill74 smlill74

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