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i got a loan through paydayone and never paid it do to lost of wife's income, now two years later a collection company called crc calls my work and me about the balance. i told them i am filing chapter 7 and the guy stated calling me a loser and a bad father that lives with in-laws and then said they our going through with the civil suit. Can they really sue me for a $750 dollar loan???

They can, but they probably won't. Include this debt in your bankruptcy and don't worry about it.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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since paydayone most likely sold the debt.list crc along with paydayone with your BK petition.question when are you filing BK?because when you do file the stay will negate eveything including lawsuits.look up crc in the search bar top right.they are a bottomfeeder that loves to violate the FDCPA.i wouldn't worry about a lawsuit from them as you must be served,and crc will threaten lawsuit,but never really do it.btw i;'m guessing you got nothing from crc in the mail.if not file a police report for the threat and call as his verbage is also a violation.

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