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Chapter 7 and what we can spend our 2010 tax return on to keep it from the Trustee's hands.

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My husband and I are in the early stages of filing Chapter 7. Our attorney told us to file our 2010 tax returns and then to spend the refund as soon as possible. I was trying to remember what he said we could spend the money on. We were also told to keep all the receipts to present to the courts. In order to show what the return had been spent in full on. I know it cannot go towards cars or a vacation, but can anyone tell me what we can spend it on. It is after 5:00 so I can't call his office tonight.

Normal living expenses and keep receipts. If you need to buy clothing for your children do it. If you need to buy food, do it. If you need to pay health insurance, do it. If you need to pay auto insurance, do it. If it is something you have to think about - can I or can't I - then you probably do not want to do it.

Keep receipts for everything.

Oh, if you have not already done so, you can use the $$ to pay your attorney.


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