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We are in the process of filing for chapter 7 next week and Dell will be listed as one of our creditors (debt is a little under 1K). Yesterday the paralegal working on our case mentioned that we may want to reaffirm that debit after we file (even though it is unsecured) or they might come take our computers (which are a 1 year old netbook that is my daughter's and a laptop that is about 2 or so years old now). Should we just take the gamble they won't come after the computers or reaffirm? Any help would be appreciated.

Dell Financial IS a secured creditor. You have 3 choices:

1. Surrender and pay nothing;
2. Redeem the merchandise for its "fair market value" - usually a negotiated amount that is less than the balance owed but paid in one lump sum or;
3. Reaffirm the entire obligation and continue to make the small monthly payment.

There is a 4th "unofficial" choice: State that you are going to surrender but do nothing further to communicate with Dell. There is a very good chance that Dell will never contact you or, contact you once and never again.


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Other unofficial remedy is to say it broke and you no longer have it.

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